Once upon a time Jason and Katie Craig dreamed of dairy farming... but they had no land, no cows, and no experience. 


When they finally got started and crunched the numbers, they had two choices:  

They could either go as big as possible or as small as possible.  

After 6 years of learning to dairy farm, they chose small - micro, actually. Small is still beautiful after all. In the same spirit, they produce only small batch artisanal products from their rich and creamy milk that comes from a small herd of happy and healthy grass-fed cows. This is all done with the help of their children - Margaret Mary, Henry, Peter, John and Joseph.

Their farm is also one of the few dairies to have be Animal Welfare Approval provided by A Greener World. If the health and wellbeing of animals, land, and community are important to you, you have arrived at the right place, and are now a part of a great story... 


Meet Your Farmers

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6 years ago my wife asked where I saw our family in 5 years.  I was holding baby Peter at the time and I said, 'We need to get to a farm.'  We just knew even then we wanted a small dairy.  Perhaps if I knew how hard it was going to be I may have chosen a different path, but now we love the hard but fulfilling lifestyle.  Being a local farmer is more than selling things, but bringing good health and good stories to our community and place.  

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6 months ago I was planning on attending a university in Pennsylvania for a Liberal Arts degree, but I really had no idea about what I wanted to do with my life. So, before the semester started, I left Pennsylvania, came back home to the mountains and learned how to milk a cow. From there, I rose to the rank of Creamery Manager, and am trying to do my best to make sure our customers are satisfied.