Limited Time: Yogurt Subscription (and Delivery)!


The local milkman is back! We're starting a promotion today and launching a new way to get our products:

yogurt subscriptions delivered to your door!

That's right, a monthly (or more!) box of yogurt delivered to your door!

(Scroll to the bottom to get the details, but first... will you let me tell you why this subscription to our farm is so mutually beneficial?)

We got this idea from our customers that treat our local, artisan yogurt as a staple in their home. Setting aside the great taste, there's a reason people keep coming back to OUCMD for more yogurt:

Your GUT is telling you what you need!

Probiotic-rich and healthy foods feed the healthy bacteria in your gut, displacing the bad. Bad bacteria makes you want sugars and other unhealthy foods. Click here to learn more.

Research keeps confirming what traditional cultures already know: yogurt and other fermented foods help the digestive tract get on track That is, if it has "live cultures" like ours does!

Also, for some people milk is hard to digest, but because the yogurt-making bacteria actually eats the lactose out of milk, we have many customers that love eating our yogurt and making things with it who were formerly "dairy intolerant". Dairy intolerance is a big topic, because the kind of cow, what it eats, how the milk is treated, and how it is cultured (or not) all effects how the milk is received. In short: there's a reason yogurt is one of the most ancient and beloved foods in many cultures. It's good, easy to digest, and a healthy staple.

Which reminds me...

In our home we use yogurt for smoothies, baking, parfaits and all sorts of sauces. Have you tried tzatziki sauce? It's super easy and good on everything from meatballs to salads (it's that good sauce on Gyro's). Yogurt is a great base for many things.

And for some of you, you care that we care for the soil, land, and community. Have you seen our video? Few things are as "practical" as food, but the poetic and philosophical are a huge part of it as well. Farms do more than fuel us - they ground us and remind us of the beauty, truth, and goodness of the world around us. By signing up for our yogurt subscriptions, you directly support local farms that love place and people.

So, if its local economies, family farms, health, taste, quality, or the environment - there's too many good reasons to not jump on this opportunity! It also helps us focus on farming and, well, thrive as a business!

Not to sound like an infomercial... but there's more!

By buying "in bulk" we are able to offer serious price breaks per bottle:

12 oz = $4.50 $3.80 (over %15 off)

32 oz = $9.00 $7.60 (%15 off)

Here are the subscription options:

12oz case (16 bottles) = $60.80/mo

32oz case (9 bottles) = $68.40/mo

(12 oz cases can be mixed flavor or all plain, 32 oz cases are pain only).

How long do they last? At least a whole month (that's what the sticker says, but we've kept them for months without a problem).

Here's how it works:

1. Reply to this email with a "sign me up!"

2. I'll contact you to set up payment.

3. Sit eagerly by your door for your local Milk Man!


The first way is to be one of the first 20 people to sign up.

The second way is to sign up a friend not currently in the OUCMD circle.

And yes, this is a limited offer.