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Once Upon a Cow Micro Dairy is one of the very few places in NC that is both farm and creamery, milking the cows and making the products on site.  


We are a Grade A farmstead dairy in Western NC that produces small batches of artisan yogurts and more. Along with learning more about the products and practices of the farm, make sure to join the mailing list to get updates on limited, seasonal, and special product releases. To schedule a tour for yourself, family, or group, fill out the contact form below. Come, visit, and be a part of the story!


What makes our products so good?

Everything we do, and everything we don’t.

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Non-Violent Farming

 Philosophers define "violence" as acting against the nature of a thing. By respecting nature and working with it, our farm cultivates healthier land and healthier food.

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Well-treated Cows 

Most dairies today confine their cows, push them to the limit, and feed them unnatural diets. Our cows are certified Animal Welfare Approved, eat grass, and are even a little spoiled.

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No Hormones, etc.

 Nature can be coerced to produce more than it should, but the true cost comes out eventually - in hurting the environment, your body, or both. We farm. We don't coerce.


Heritage Tradition 

Farming is not just an industry, but a rich heritage and art. This is why we stick to heritage breeds and traditional practices that bring back the lost tastes of real food.


Real Fruit 

You can buy bulk powders and dump them into something to give it a so-called "taste". But with all the love we've put in, we asked, why not just use real fruit? And so we did.

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Many Cultures 

Your gut is alive , but modern food kills the good bacteria, enhances the bad, and lowers your overall health. Our yogurts have live cultures to help heal and grow your gut health. 

What people are saying about us


"Jason Craig does a great job of engaging and educating groups about the value, art, and importance of farming.  Absolutely a great destination for field trips and farm tours." Dawn Jordan, Ag Economic Development of Polk County 

"We need the next generation to value its local farms.  If you want to see why exactly they're so valuable, look no further than a visit to Once Upon a Cow Micro Dairy." Patrick McLendon

"Great family farm! We visited on the farm tour and loved the animals and the wealth of information that the owner shared with us.." Melody 


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